The Brand

Yes, we are the definitive brand – little ol’ us!


Our Products are, well, delicious and leading edge. And just like any snack product – the better tasting, the more people are hooked and want to eat them.

So, yes, although we are humble, we do have the best tasting Kettle Korn and Sea Salt (prove us otherwise!) and our latest innovations are populating and flying off America’s shelves…

Just like you can’t field a team without a line-up – here is the winning flavor line-up available in stores from America’s Most Popular – KettlePOP…

  • Organic Sea Salt » 1 oz | 7.5 oz
  • Organic Kettle Korn » 1 oz | 7.5 oz
  • Fresh Organic Strawberry » 1 oz | 7.5 oz
  • Fresh Organic Coconut » 1 oz | 7.5 oz
  • Fresh Organic Blueberry » 1 oz | 7.5 oz